Intermediate Impact Mesh
Medium-Heavy Duty Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh (11.0 oz)

225 ft² (20.9 m²) per roll (38")


Intermediate Impact Mesh is an alkaline coated fiberglass fabric which is suitable to work as reinforcement for polymer modified and polymer-based cementitious base coats, and used as a medium-heavy duty mesh layer in all Durex® EIFS Systems and Durex® Stucco Lite System. Intermediate Impact Mesh is produced on a loom using warp and weft (fill) yarns and woven into a leno weave, where the fill yarns are trapped tightly between to twisting wrap yarns, and is then treated by alkali-resistant macromolecule latex for superior performance.

  • Fiberglass mesh of tested quality, capable of withstanding high tension without stretching
  • Glass fibers with negligible sensitivity to temperature changes within the wall Proper fiberglass anti-alkaline dressing to avoid quick aging of the wall reinforcement due to corrosion action of alkalis present in coating mortar.
  • Provides dimensional stability and enhances performance.
  • Prevents cracking.
  • Good cohesion.
  • Highly flexible.

Medium-Heavy Duty Reinforcement Mesh for the base coat layer in all Durex® EIFS Systems when additional impact resistance is required. Medium-Heavy Duty Reinforcement Mesh for Durex® Stucco Lite System. Medium-Heavy Duty Reinforcement for crack bridging in masonry substrates.

Physical Properties
Product type

E-Glass fibers


White woven fabric with leno weave pattern


11.1 oz/yd² (376 g/m²)

Roll Widths



Alkali Resistant Coating


225 ft² (20.9 m²) per roll (38")

Performance Properties
Method Results
Tensile Strength (Weft)

ASTM D5035

350 lb./in (1550 N/2.54 cm) minimum values

Tensile Strength (Warp)

ASTM D5035

250 lb./in (1120 N/2.54 cm) minimum values

Construction (Weft)

ASTM D3775

5.0 yarns/in (20 yarns/10 cm)

Construction (Warp)

ASTM D3775

7.2 yarns/in (28 yarns/ 10 cm)