Stucco Lite Rainscreen
Non-Combustible, Non-Insulated Rainscreen Cladding System

Stucco Lite Rainscreen combines the simplicity of direct applied cladding system with drainage and rainscreen features. Succo lite rainscreen consists of a nail sealable water resistive barrier over the substrate furring to create a drainage cavity and a cement board sheathing coated with a flexible basecoat reinforced with fiberglass mesh throughout to create a code compliant rainscreen drainage cladding system. The finish texture can be selected from any of the available Durex®  Architectural Coatings. The cladding system is rated non-combustible cladding meeting the building code requirements for non-combustible construction.

  • Improved traditional cladding system
  • Positive drainage - rainscreen
  • Non-combustible
  • High impact resistance
  • Cost effective cladding system if no continuous insulation is required

Stucco Lite Rainscreen is suitable for use over a wide range of structurally sound substrates.  It is best suited for substrates designed with a deflection ratio lower than L/360 where spatial separation issues require non combustible cladding, typical of residential dwellings with side setbacks less than 600 mm from the property line.

Performance Properties
Building Code Conformance


Category 1


Non-Combustible stucco cladding

Part 3

  • Article
  • Article & Table
  • Allowable Minor Combustible Components
  • 0-10% Unprotected Openings

Part 5

  • Section 5.6.1
  • Sub-Section
  • Protection from Precipitation
  • Sealing and Drainage

Part 9

  • Clause
  • Section 9.27.2
  • Article
  • Article & Table (A)
  • Article
  • General (Cladding, Application)
  • Required Protection from Precipitation
  • Elements of Second Plane of Protection
  • 0-10% Unprotected Openings
  • <0.6 m Limiting Distance

- Cementitious backer Board

- Glass Mat Gypsum Sheathing

ASTM C1325

ASTM C1177

12.7 mm (1/2”) min.

12.7 mm (1/2”) min.


Air / Vapour Barriers

(consult with a Durabond Representative)

Air Barriers

  Durex Flexcrete

  Durex AirStop

  Durex Dur-A-Mastic 100

  Durex Flexseal VP


ASTM E96  Water Vapour Transmission

(Refer to product specific Technical

Data Sheet for more detailed data)

Method A                              Method B

n/a                                         n/a    


400 ng/Pa.s.m2                              972 ng/Pa.s.m2

185 ng/Pa.s.m2                              505 ng/Pa.s.m2

248 ng/Pa.s.m2                              645 ng/Pa.s.m2

629 ng/Pa.s.m2                              972 ng/Pa.s.m2


Impant Resistance

Durex Fiberglass Mesh

(Note: Impact resistance level is directly related

to the weight and  layers of Fiberglass mesh

used in the lamina)


ASTM E2486 – Impact Resistance

(Refer to Table 1.5.9 of the Stucco Lite

RAINSCREEN Specifications for detailed

selection chart for guidance on level of

impact resistance required)

                        Retention            Retention         

                        Physical               Performance

Standard            3 N.m                   10 N.m            PASS

Intermediate      8  N.m                   15 N.m            PASS

High                  13 N.m                   20 N.m           PASS

Ultra High          20 N.m                   30 N.m          PASS

Extreme           25 N.m                   40 N.m            PASS


- Durex Flexcrete or

- Durex Monobase

- Durex Uniplast / Acrybond “S”





Rated noncombustible

Rated noncombustible


-Durex “M” fasteners (masonry)

-Durex “W” fasteners (wood)

-Durex “S” fasteners (steel)

ASTM B-117 – salt spray

DIN 50012 - SO2 exposure


DIN 50018 SFW

750 hrs. or better

25+ cycles

30 cycles



Durex Architectural  Coatings

   Classic Series

   Premium Series

   Artisan Series

   Kolor Gard Series

   Elastomeric (FX) Series


CAN/ULC S716.1   &

CCMC Report #  13103-R

(Refer to product specific Technical Data

Sheet and CCMC Evaluation Report

#13103-R for more detailed data)


Durex Architectural Coatings

Meet and exceed all requirements


Water Vapour  Transmission

ASTM E96 - Flexcrete

400 ng/Pa.s.m2 (7.0 perms) method A

972 ng/Pa.s.m2 (17.0 perms) method B

Water absorption


4.85%   (Flexcrete)

Coefficient of Water Absorption

CCMC 5.5.1

0.0007 kg/(m2.s1/2)