Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast Aggregate
Multi-Coloured Decorative Broadcast Silica Sand Blend for Dur-A-Quartz Decorative Resinous Flooring Systems

Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast Aggregate is a high purity multi-coloured silica sand blend with sub-angular granules in a special blend designed for use in decorative broadcasted flooring systems and for optimal anti-slip in a resinous flooring resin matrix. 

  • Extremely durable, highly abrasion resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Multi-coloured blend
  • Available in Single or Blended Colours
  • Custom Colours Available
  • High UV Resistant version available



Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast Aggregate is a broadcasted coloured silica sand blend used in part with decorative broadcasted resinous flooring systems (Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast) to yield a multi-coloured decorative floor with increased strength as well provide anti-slip function when required. Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast Aggregate is ideal for institutional flooring applications, health care flooring applications, medium to heavy-duty processing areas, high traffic lanes and ailes, wash-down stations, showers and locker rooms, wet areas or any floor requiring anti-slip.

Physical Properties

Multi-Colour Blends

Sieve Size

30-50 Mesh


6.5-7 (Moh’s Hardness Scale)

Specific Gravity

2.65 (ASTM C128-01e1)