Dur-A-Seal A50
Pigmented Acrylic Concrete & Masonry Coating

Smooth dense concrete: 3.7-4.5 m2/L (151-183 ft2/gal)

Gunite surfaces, porous block or brick: 1.7-3.1 m2/L (69-126 ft2/gal)


Dur-A-Seal A50 is a pigmented one component acrylic copolymer based on methacrylate resins.


Dur-A- Seal A50 effectively seals brick, block and concrete against the ingress of water. It also has superior chloride screening capabilities which make it ideally suited to protect all but the high traffic areas of concrete structures such as parking garages and bridges. Pigmented coatings are extremely resistant to weathering effects.   Dur-A- Seal A50 provides durable protection of concrete balconies, exterior walls, exterior of water towers and any concrete or masonry structure where uniform colour and easy clean surfaces are required.  Dur-A- Seal A50 will allow the structure to breathe, a feature which is essential on heated buildings and on structures in contact with earth or water. It can be readily re-coated, after cleaning, should damage occur

Physical Properties
Solvent base



50± 1%

Specific Gravity


Viscosity (cps)


Colour and finish

Semi matte, Off white, Grey (custom colours available with 255 litre orders)

Coverage (applying 2 coats)
  • Smooth dense concrete: 3.7-4.5 m2/L (151-183 ft2/gal)
  • Gunite surfaces, porous block or brick: 1.7-3.1 m2/L (69-126 ft2/gal)

Performance Properties
Method Results

Pencil ultimate H Tukon 3.7


1/8”, ¼”, 1/2” mandrels, Scale 0-10 (0=best) 1,1,1

Cross hatch adhesion
  • Concrete:                    No failure
  • Treated Aluminum:  No Failure
  • Treated Steel:            No failure
Salt Resistance
  • Coated concrete slabs immersed under 5% Sodium Chloride
  • Cycled for up to 2 years, wet-dry. No adverse effect.
Alkali Resistance

Calcium hydroxide solution. pH 12.6, 2 years. No effect.

Service Temperature

-50°C to 80°C (-58°F to 176°F)

Chemical Resistance
  • Unaffected by weak solvents such as Mineral Spirits and Naphthas. Attacked by aromatic solvents and ketones
  • Unaffected by weak alkalines and resists weak mineral spirits.
Colour Retention

Both acrylic resin and pigments are designed for maximum colour retention. Automotive grade pigments are employed. Only treated fumed silica flatting agents are employed to maximize water screening and to keep pigment binder ratio low. Exposed at Toronto, Halifax and Calgary for up to 10 years in a range of colours. No noticeable colour fading, chipping or flaking. There is a dulling of films due to slight chalking.