Epotel GSC - Rapid Cure
Fast Curing, High Performance Smooth Epoxy Floor Coating

4 m2/L (160 ft2/gal) @ 10 mils DFT


Epotel GSC – Rapid Cure is a two component, 100% solids, solvent-free, fast curing liquid applied epoxy floor coating. It is designed to provide a high build, tough, durable, abrasion and chemical resistant coating for interior concrete floor surfaces.

  • 100% solids, zero VOC’s, odorless.
  • Fast Curing: 8 hours to vehicular traffic.
  • CFIA approved, USDA accepted.
  • Easy to apply, self-leveling properties.
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • Blush resistant, pigmentable high gloss finish.
  • Excellent coverage, seamless finish.

Epotel GSC – Rapid Cure is a roller or squeegee applied general service floor coating used as an interior protective coating in light to medium duty commercial and medium industrial floor applications when quick turn-around of the area or application in cold temperature is required. Epotel GSC – Rapid Cure is ideal for: Quick Turn-around projects, Cold Temperature Applications, Food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants and laboratories, Industrial floors or other environments requiring clean, sanitary conditions, as well as Light to medium industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications

Physical Properties

Clear and Pigmented

Resin Type


  • 4 m2/L (160 ft2/gal) @ 10 mils DFT
  • Note: 2 coats required; Total thickness: 10 mils per coat
Mix Ratio

2 Component Kit 3:1 (by Volume) - Part A (Resin) : Part B (Catalyst)

Cure Time @ 23C (75F)
  • To touch: 1-2 hours
  • Light traffic: 6 hours
  • Vehicular Traffic: 8 hours
  • Fully cured: 7 days
Cure time @ 5C (41F)
  • To touch: 6 hours
  • Light traffic: 24 hours
  • Vehicular Traffic: 36 hours
  • Fully cured: 14 days
Pot Life

5 to 10 minutes working time @ 23C (75F)



Performance Properties
Method Results
Percent Solids

ASTM D 7232


Viscosity (Brookfield) 23-30C (75-85F)

ASTM D2196, Part A + B

  • 1,500 (pigmented)
  • 1,000 (clear) cps
Compressive Strength

ASTM 695

75 MPa (10,900 psi)

Tensile Strength

ASTM 695

61 MPa (8,900 psi)

Tensile Modulus

ASTM D 638-86

3.3 MPa (480 psi)


ASTM D 638


Flexural Modulus

ASTM D 790

3.8 MPa (556 psi)

Abrasion Resistance

ASTM D 4060


Mar Resistance

ASTM D 5178

1.5 kg

Shore D Hardness


60 Specular Gloss


Chemical Resistance

Durex Epotel 100 GSC Rapid Cure resists damage by chemical reactivity and/or solvent reaction. Contact Durabond Technical Services for additional information.